Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday Time (For Annoyances)

What's a week without a stupid setback?

RAGS did something I didn't want it to, so I pushed ctrl+z to undo, as I have done many times before. Only this time, instead of undoing the last thing it had done, it deleted a significant portion of stuff that I had completed from yesterday through today.

Well, shit, thought I, good thing I turned on auto-save. And it hasn't interrupted me in a few minutes, so I know that the back up is good.

Nope. The back up is missing the EXACT same information.

Well, shit, thought I, good thing Picarto is recording this for me so that I can see what I wrote instead of having to rewrite it from scratch.

Nope. Picarto decided to turn off my stream recordings without any kind of notification.

So I'm gonna go drink now, 1pm be damned. For the record, I didn't lose a LOT, but I lost enough.


  1. If it was easy, it wouldn't be worth doing. (Thinks about modding games and all the trouble that can be.)

  2. Maybe look at a freeware keystroke logger or similar, editing all the fluff would be faster than rewrite it

  3. Damn. that sucks.
    Just goes to show you can never have enough backups

  4. I am a hobby programmer myself. While I doubt we use the same language, I would suggest using a named save every time or so you work. One of my code projects deals with a PC Creator for a certain tabletop RPG. I have saves for that project in the general format as follows.
    [Project Code Name][Version][Sub Version].[Extension] or [Project Code Name][letter]

    If the project name is a pc creator for Pathfinder, it might be called PCPath. So the project files might be PCPath01a.cpp, PCPath01b.cpp, PCPath01c, and so on.

    PCPath01005.cpp might be what I call version 0.05 of this project. If this helps prevent future problems of this same issue, I am glad I was helpful.

    Note: I may or may not program in C++. The extension cpp is a standard one for programming in C++.