Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday (No Stream)

In addition to having a headache that's getting worse the longer I'm awake, I also was asked last minute to drive my mother-in-law to catch a plane, so that's where my day is going.

I'm going to spend the day relaxing and planning stuff out, because reviewing my notes, I don't actually have anything planned for decorations, which is the next thing I want to work on for apartment decorations. Once that's done, I'll work on getting the bikini contest first round completed, and maybe a few follow-up things like bug fixes, and hopefully there will be an update next week.


  1. Quick bug note (Cursed The game allows you to head out to work while stark naked.

  2. I would say the bug is that the game does not recognize the difference between being naked and just not wearing underwear.

  3. Uh... There's a huge chance that someone reported it, but there's something weird happening with loading and saving.
    After 4 hours of playing the game, I decided that I had enough and saved. The next day I load my save, and somehow my name was not the one I chose when I was transformed, but rather that one that I was asked to input in the prologue. But wait! There's more! I just shrugged that off and the game was pretty much alright for another several hours. After that I've decided to step on the same rake once again, and saved then closed. The following day I loaded up, vividly remembering that the day I saved was Wednesday and I made my save after work. I go to bed, wake up, talk with Maria about Britney, and noted that there was no "shift today" message. I once again shrugged that off, but when it came to going to work in Early afternoon I couldn't go because I was told that the club was closed that day. I went to bed, woke up, received once again no message about job, and I tried to check mail, and it said that there's no mail on Sunday, though I checked up the date, and it was Friday, 13 of July. Went to the bar, found no Britney though Maria said I'll find her in the evening drinking herself to oblivion, and after playing for another week or so, I've pretty much came to conclusion that the game decided to fuck with my brain by changing it's timer, where I would look on calendar and it would say Friday, but in reality, it will be Sunday.
    And there is that thing with dating Genevieve, but I suppose its just not done yet.