Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday (Progress Report)

Added beds today. As of right now, including the bed you start with, there's five possible beds you can get. The comfortable bed (the starting one) has no special bonuses or penalties.

The poster (princess) bed will increase your femininity over time and give you a bonus to weight to keep you slim if you get too fat, but it also keeps your strength under a certain level (princesses do not have bulging muscles) and if you have a penis, it will make it shrink as well. It can't get rid of your penis, but it will work to make it as small as possible.

The water bed reduces your arousal by 5 every time you sleep and gives you a bonus to fitness if it drops too low. It also makes masturbation slightly more satisfying (+5 arousal reduction). However, it increases your cum production (if applicable) and there's a 10% chance of getting sick in the morning from seasickness, which will reduce your health.

The reinforced bed gives bonuses if you're a hefty lady: if weight is below 50 (i.e. you're heavier), you get -5 to arousal per day, strength +1 per day (up to 70), fitness +1 per day (up to 50) and natural charisma +1 per day (up to 30). However, if your weight is above 50 (i.e. you're thinner), then you get arousal +5 per day, and weight and fitness -1 per day.

The heart-shaped bed makes masturbation more satisfying (+10 arousal reduction), and helps lock in your sexuality: if you're straight, you get a point towards being straight every night. If you're gay, you get a point towards being gay every night. If you're bisexual, then you get a point towards the middle to try to keep you bisexual. But it also reduces inhibitions by 1 every day (to a minimum of 50), and increases your arousal every night. It's also the most expensive bed.

I might add more beds, but as of right now, I think I'd prefer to move on to other apartment stuff. Tomorrow, decorations.


  1. AWW YISS!! I love to see updates! Speaking of furniture stuffs, what's the use of the toolbox that I can't buy in the mall?

    And any indication on when the next playable update would be? I check your blog at least twice a day to see if there's any updates!

    1. Updates tend to be "when it's ready". Probably another week, maybe as many as two, before the next update.

  2. The toolbox can be used to make a gift for your mum, after you've gotten her first letter (and if you decide to make her something

  3. The toolbox is (also) used to upgrade yourself if you get the Robot transformation.

  4. How about a BDSM bed? Would be useful for the kinky and bondage traits (self bondage scenes would be a plus).

  5. 10% seasickness chance seems like a lot. Probably annoying to have that bed and get unpredictably sick.

    Logically it'd be neat if the chance would reduce every time you get seasick until it's at 1% (aka getting used to it), but it's keeping track of another variable ...