Friday, February 26, 2016

Update 0.5.2

No stream today because bug fixes were done "off-camera", so to speak. But hey look, a wild update has appeared.

I guarantee that the new content/features will have bugs, as it's not tested at all. If you're not interested in buggy content, I will have bug fixes out over the weekend as reports come in.

Mediafire -
Mega.NZ -!9cxhmapB!K-LWcyRegbhDD9ANATDi7pFSWXCK-p42k8genljjfLg

Update 0.5.2 Changelog
New Features
- Bikini Contest: starting on May 1, there will be a notice on the beach to allow you to participate in the bikini contest that occurs on June 2. You must sign up before May 31. Currently the first round is the only one implemented - there will eventually be 4 rounds total.
- New Furniture: Beds. Beds are found in the furniture store: buying a new bed permanently gets rid of your old bed, though you can buy it again later. All but the starting bed have different effects.
- New System: TVs. Television now allows you to choose what channel you want to watch, for consistent effects. You can expand the choice of channels by getting a better TV (at the electronics store), or by buying and paying for cable or satellite TV. Note that if you upgrade to cable or satellite, you cannot get rid of it. You can switch between cable or satellite, but never go back to normal TV.
- New Skill: Creativity.
- New objects: painting supplies and easel. Painting is a product of creativity, both increasing the skill and determining how good your painting is.
- New Object: Karaoke machine. Increases musical skill up to a certain point.
- New Object: Notebook. You can write stories, songs, and poems. Works with Creativity.
- New System: Bathing. You can now take a cold shower or a bath (with optional bubble bath or bath salts) to reduce arousal. Taking a bath also increases natural charisma slowly.
- New Object: Removable Showerhead. Requires technical aptitude to install, but allows masturbation while bathing, Also makes arousal reduction during cold shower a bit higher.

- Some behind the scenes stuff in an attempt to make the game flow a little more smoothly from a technical standpoint.

Bug Fixes
- You'll now get a notification when your vagina needs to be shaved again.
- You'll now take your purse when you go to the beach.
- Fixes to the call girl wedding event for actions without feedback.
- You won't get daily messages about going on maternity leave as a call girl anymore.
- Call girl wedding date chances have been reduced, while sexual activity has been increased.
- You won't lose skill points if you have a maxed dance skill as a private dancer. I need to go through the entire career path to fix all of that, but private dancer should be good now. Maybe.
- A number of typos have been fixed, along with cases of "missing M's".

Known Issues
- Rent "creeps", as it's due every 30 days, and not every month has 30 days. I actually have a way to fix this, it's just a little time-intensive to implement.
- Mike has some issues with Futa girls. Not sure what the problem is specifically as bug reports are vague, but I haven't had time to take a look yet.
- Genevieve's only dating option that works is shopping at the mall.


  1. Great work as always AM! Perhaps as a fix to the rent thing all months in Cursed could have 30 days? Perhaps its a weird quirk of the alternate universe that the game takes place in??

  2. I've just been playing for about an hour and I'm enjoying it so far.

    Some bugs I've encountered so far -

    i) I CAN'T sleep on either the water bed or the heart-shaped bed.

    ii) I CAN'T use the karaoke machine either, it just says "You're too tired to start singing" even when it's morning.

    I'll let you know if I encounter more bugs as I play it!

    1. It seems it doesn't update which bed is yours, after purchasing a new bed, your old one appears in the shop and can be interacted with.

  3. The bikini contest notice doesn't seem to work for me. Up to may 10th without the notice so far.

  4. Very small bug, misspelling. With the submissive girl at the bar you rescue, ' "You've made your istress happy, slave," you say,' is missing an M

  5. Can't use the bath for anything other than the cold shower.

    1. Also can't actually write anything in the notebook. I can create a story name, but that's it.

    2. I take that back, I can do the diary option

  6. I'm not sure exactly how you have time tracked, but if you have the rent on the 1st or 15th of the month it would still be 'once a month'

    1. Ya, seems like a much simpler fix.

  7. Not sure if this is just for testing purposes or what, but a package arrives I can use it infinite times, it doesn't disappear.

  8. Will there be more promotions for the business career eventually?

  9. haven't got any notica about bikini contest, maybe it's a bug?

  10. When I go to the beach and put on a swimsuit, the game still tells me I'm naked when I examine myself.

  11. no mater the clothes used Genevieve don't stay for the date/buy underwear

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