Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bug Fix 0.5.2a

Version 0.5.2a
Mediafire -
Mega.NZ -!8FxghIaK!IN2xDATA7SMCG_7WreNz4OCPvCdsKHy5SQqxvnh2t0Q

A couple of bugs have been fixed in this:

- Beds should now properly activate after buying them (i.e. you can sleep on them).
- The bathtub now properly activates the "Take a Bath" action after the intro.
- The notice of the bikini contest wasn't showing up because I forgot to actually make it show up. Should be working now.
- The karaoke machine was borked. But now you'll find you have the energy for it unless it's late night! Hooray!
- The painting easel was checking for the computer in the wrong room, so it wouldn't let you sell your painting. Fixed.

Some clarifications:
- I forgot that I didn't actually allow for anything with the notebook beyond diary and creating story titles because I didn't actually write that stuff. Guess that'll have to wait for the next update.
- The skill score display has been changed slightly (forgot that I did it). In addition to skill levels actually being more related to the skill itself, there's now a "Current" and an "Actual" skill level displayed. Actual is your "base" skill, the number you've achieved through skill gains and losses. Current is your functional skill level, as modified by your arousal. Not all skills are modified by arousal (those that aren't only have an Actual skill), and some skills actually increased by arousal rather than decreased. In any event, that's what those mean.


  1. Thanks for the really quick turn-around on the bug fixes, AM. Really like this update.

  2. My robe is not equiptable,it is permanently in my inventory and i can examine it but its not being worn. I have it set as one of my outfits but when i try wearing it im just naked.

  3. When I try to bribe Robert for the contest, no matter what value I pick, I get a message saying that I must input a valid number.

  4. HI Anonymous! MIGHT I ASK Could You Add Pictures To The Game In Next Version?

    1. AM has pictures as a patreon goal. However, due to the cost of hiring an artist, it's a $2000 per month goal.

    2. Hoo boy, I sure hope AM doesn't bother with pictures (outside of some UI stuff) considering it's a pretty large money and filesize sink.

  5. I found game breaking bug.
    When inviting Mike to the apartment he does not leave after sex, so I can't use bed and "front door" is missing from the foyer.
    Another bug: after calling him and asking about Maria the option to answer the door disappears.

    I am using RAGS 2.4.16

  6. Bug: Form fitting clothes occupy the underwear slot, and if you equip normal clothes over it, the only way for you to remove them is to strip

  7. Well, hello there.
    Here is what i have to say about your game:
    1. Rags - terrible choice.
    2. Boring, almost everything in your game is a dreadful bore that drags on and on forever there isn't enough of ANYTHING in it. I got bored after 30 mins of clicking shit pointlessly but gave it a shot that lasted all night anyway, i thought that maybe it blooms later... and oh how wrong i was.
    3. Where is all the sex? it's almost non-existent, the bar is pretty much the only option where you can fuck something no strings attached and even that is just about as graphic as sticking it in and pulling it out... sigh~ what a giga-disappointment i only got hard like twice across the course of an entire goddamn night... dreadful.

    Just destroy this abomination and make a real game based on a decent engine instead of that rags shit.
    Maybe get some real writer too because you suck at it.
    I also have no idea what those patrons see in this barely soft-core.. they're insane to be supporting this thing. Whatever, i'm done doing self-torture by playing cursed, adios amigos.

  8. I'm not 100% sure if it's me or the game, but every time I load my save file, it reverts back to my character's male name.


    1. Meatbag, are you sure your name isn't 'Douchebag'? Pretty sure.

    2. Obviously, this was intended to be a reply to the whiner up there.