Monday, February 29, 2016

Bug Fix 0.5.2b

A few more bug fixes and tweaks.

Mediafire -
Mega.NZ -!lJ5WUQbD!B-RkgZo_ItDiGk4iHflIDEh_EWDpTZZnKOGKIa-9H5E

Bug Fixes:
- Mike should act correctly now if you fuck him (I fixed it in, but I'd already started working on 0.5.2 and forgot to carry over the fixes).
- The bikini contest should work now. Forgot to activate a timer.
- Bribing Robert at the contest should work now.
- Packages received from the shopping network will now disappear correctly AND not show up again the next day. Woo.
- Changed a bunch of clothes to have the proper clothing layers, which should fix a couple of problems maybe.

- A bunch of testing commands have been activated on the testing item.

- The form-fitting clothes are meant to occupy both the underwear and the regular clothes slot.
- Unless you're using the Unlock All TFs cheat, every non-human TF requires an unlock process. Some are as easy as buying an item, some require a little more investigation (cat TF requires catching a mouse, for example), but all of them are gated until day 60 at the earliest (again, unless you use the cheat).

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  1. So... in the intro, right after the Mysterious Woman appears, a random sex scene with Mike plays out... O_o