Monday, February 29, 2016

Bug Fix 0.5.2c

The only change in this update is pretty inconsequential.

Bug Fixes:
- Removed the random sex scene that was erroneously showing up during the intro.

If you can live with this error (which is restricted to the intro and has no effect on the rest of the game if you skip the intro), then you can keep going with 0.5.2b.

Mediafire -
Mega.NZ -!UUYSgL5B!vtv78pzBWhLhcXkS7RUFGWQjzPSEbAFx-sINddxWUjo


  1. Hey, when I save and load again after a restart or whatever, it goes to the name I gave at the start for the male, not Kim.

  2. Instead of having "Increase X TF by Y" for every TF under the testing item menu, it might easier to have a single option named "Set TF" and then list all the TF's ala the skills or body modification menu, and then pick one to modify from there.

  3. The tail part of the cat transformation seems to be missing.

  4. The newspaper subscription doesn't work, hasn't since it was introduced, unless I'm doing it wrong. Also with the latest version I can't seem to change my body shape with diet and exercise. Seriously, my character is fat with excellent fitness and endurance, and I have the lightest meals possible while doing daily thigh master, yoga, and treadmill work. Maria has come to see me three times, and while I'm not getting fatter, I don't get skinnier either. Just figured I would let you know.

    1. Strange, I'm not having any of these issues regarding weight.

  5. Bug on Robert the judge (version 0.5.2b though), seducing him won't do anything. It stops at him saying "Well, I suppose that depends on what you might be willing to do" and then it stops there.

  6. Can someone tell me which version of RAGS I need for this? According to the cursed wiki, game versions and up (this one or am I wrong?) need RAGS 2.4.16, which I currently have installed and is telling me the game file is unreadable when I open it.

    Any info would be appreciated.

  7. Hi.

    Have you been able to locate the problem with werewolf charisma loss? If not i'd like to point out that it seems to be tied to arousal. In my game when arousal drops under the threshold where you revert back to human form is the point when you lose charisma.

    I hope this helps.

  8. Game wont start for me. Keeps saying RAGS file is unreadable.