Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday (Progress Report)

Stream is over.

For anyone that's curious, while journalism will have the occasional sexy event, it is not intended to be sexy. It will likely have the fewest opportunities for sexual activity out of the three main jobs. However, that being said, it will also probably have the most opportunities to branch out and try other things.

So there's now another journalism promotion: Reporter. The biggest difference in this promotion is that you'll be tasked with interviewing various people (a total of six possibilities). The interview I did today is a "last minute" interview, where you don't have a lot of prep time, but it's pretty straightforward. The key with interviews is that you have to balance your need for journalism with the interviewee's need to get their message across. If you act too confrontational, they'll get mad and end the interview early - no one likes to be attacked. On the other hand, if you're too lax, you won't get the story you need. This first interview isn't too difficult, but you can still mess it up if you don't play your cards right (or don't have the skills necessary to play your cards right).

The other five interviews will mostly follow the same structure, with the caveat that you'll have time to prepare your own research before the interview. If you research the right stuff, you'll be able to catch your interviewee in a lie or when they're trying to mislead you. If you research the wrong stuff, you'll have fewer opportunities to do so.

On top of all of that, you might run into other problems. Maybe your editor wants you to spin a story a certain way, even though the facts don't support the story. Maybe you decide to get creative with a dull story and make it into something it isn't. All of that affects your Journalistic Integrity. This stat starts high and drops lower as you compromise the story, and can go up when you stick to your ethical guns. No one really cares about your Integrity, though...except the ethics review board. This is a random event where you can get called to the floor on your reporting. If you've been naughty, expect to get demoted or even fired.

The Journalism career is actually a misnomer, as it's more about being in media. Future promotions will include becoming a TV personality, or even a radio personality (which could spin off to a radio DJ or a dance club DJ), or maybe you'll get shunted to style and fashion reporting. That's quite a ways off, but I wanted to assure people that I do have this shit planned out.

Anyway, now comes the weekend. Yay!


  1. I'm excited about this it's good to see journalism get some love, and I love that it looks like your making it into a side puzzle tycoonlike game.

  2. Will there be war reporter branch?

  3. Not related to this post, but... can you please, *please* add ball presence/size to the testing item's body menu?

  4. I don't mind journalism being the least sexy, considering it is intended to be so, but it should have some. Seeing as we can be Reporter, that straight out tells me there's a potential sexy time in there, something like giving blowjob for truthful interview from a person.

  5. What happens if your journalistic integrity hits zero, do you have to work for Gawker?

  6. Hey anon just throwing out a suggestion I think it would be interesting if there was a camgirl job could be optional like the housemaid offer you can find on the computer.