Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday (Progress Report)

Woo, it's St. Patrick's Day, woo. I'm not drinking.

Stream is over: managed to finish up the office party (male) for the call girl. Gonna switch gears tomorrow and work on the journalism career track for a while. It needs some love.

Speaking of random holidays, I do have a plan in place for actual holidays in the game. Tired of working on Christmas Day, or wish you had an excuse to go watch fireworks in July? I have that sort of stuff planned out, but it's a ways off: there's a lot of stuff that needs to be set up in advance of that.


  1. A calendar that accounts for holidays sounds like it would be a headache to do well, wish you the best of luck there. Anyways it's nice to hear you are planning to add content to the journalism career, it is kinda sparse at the moment!

  2. any chance more clothing options, especially hosiery being added to the game? good job on the game so far