Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday (Progress Report)

Many, many apologies for last week. I finally broke the terrible grip of insomnia last night, but last week was more like walking around like a zombie than anything.

But I'm back to work. Today I did a lot of relatively minor bug fixes and typo corrections. Nothing too major, but stuff that makes the game work better, so it was worthwhile. I also actually wrote the sex scene for the maid job, because I found out today that I never did that. Good job, me. Good job.

I think there's still some bugs that need fixing, so I'll do that tomorrow morning, and then work on some new stuff. By which I mean expanding existing content rather than adding entirely new content. Just need to figure out where to start.


  1. you could expand on Alice at the Nines

  2. More Breast sizes? :3 Also i was wondering if you could add a Pet bed for those with a furry fetish. Also when you get the cow bell you can't wear it even if you have the full cow transformation.