Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday (Progress Report)

Stream is over. Didn't go as long as I wanted, but I got some stuff done.

I fixed some more reported bugs and typos, so that's fun.

I also finally got around to filling out the clothing descriptions, so no more nonsense with incomplete clothing descriptions. Of course, that's only part of the battle. The eventual plan is to have a total of four clothing description arrays, one for normal (which is the one that's now complete), one for high arousal, one for futanari, and one for futanari with high arousal. Unfortunately, RAGS doesn't allow the copying of arrays, so it's a bit of a pain to get all the clothing descriptions done (there's about 400 clothing description fields, not including the ones that change based on other factors, such as maternity clothes and the special outfit).

I also started working on the other three special Call Girl jobs. I'm sure everyone's familiar with the wedding job by now, but there's actually three others that I've had planned forever: the office party, the family reunion and the illegal job. The office party has two variations based on whether the client is male or female, with a mostly similar structure, but different requirements: the male client wants you to pretend to be his wife, while the female client wants you to pretend to be her girlfriend. The guy is interested in you sexually, while the girl isn't. So you might get the same choices, but depending on your client, the "best" answers would be different.

The family reunion special event has three variations: a male that wants you to pretend to be his girlfriend, a female that wants you to pretend to be her friend, and a female that wants you to be as obnoxious to her family as possible.

And finally, the illegal job is the one that's least likely to have sex: you're hired to either be a distraction, a pickpocket, or to assist in a kidnapping. Needless to say, these jobs are super bad from a moral standpoint, but you WILL have the option of taking the job and then screwing over your clients by messing up their plans. This will not result in you getting paid, but it might let you sleep a bit better at night. Alternatively, you could go through with it for the chance at the best payday in the game (more than $1000 for one day's work).

So I think that's what I'll work on for a while, and then maybe more on to other job related stuff. The business and journalism careers need some love too.


  1. Regarding clothing, there is an inconsistency regarding twins and triplets pregnancy. You wake up with a description saying you have a large belly, but pregnancy clothing still says it's baggy and that your pregnancy is not showing yet.

    By the way, are you planning to update the self examine description to include an additional line for your belly when you're pregnant?

  2. From when I was fooling around with it I noticed rags can export xml. Can you just copy the array in the xml, rename it and then reimport it? I have no idea if this would break anything or not.

  3. Glad to see a continuation of the call girl jobs.