Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday (Progress Report)

Worked on a patreon backer's custom event today. There's a chance that, when you go to the park, there will be a magician setting up for a show with his assistant, which you can then watch. The show will have the option of giving a tip or stealing money at the end (if you have a relatively low morality), and you'll get an arousal reduction for watching it. There's two versions of the show: normal and excellent, with the excellent show giving a bigger arousal reduction but not allowing you to not leave a tip (you're just so dazzled!).

The thing that I still need to add is the option where the magician's assistant is not there. The magician will plead with you to be his assistant temporarily, offering to pay you for your time. Because of the costume, you'll have the chance of getting a notch on the wing growth counter if you accept, unless you have magic, in which case it will increase that stat instead. And you'll get some money.

It's a fairly simple event, but it does add some flavor to the game and the park, so I enjoyed putting it together.

I'm thinking that I might have a release out on Friday? Maybe. We'll see. Don't hold me to that.


  1. Can we get a name changer/resetter in the testing item? I've been having some issues loading my save and having the name reset to the name I set at the very beginning of the game.

  2. Were there any plans to extend non human TFs (or even any TFs) to NPCs?