Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hunger Edit

A very minor update today.

The Food/Hunger system now works as intended. When you choose to eat it sets a certain level of fullness for the day, as well as building up your fat slightly. Fat is burned off before fitness is increased, BUT strength building burns off fat while it increases strength (as you're using the protein to build your muscles or something, let's pretend there's a scientific reason). Any fat left unburned at the end of the day is translated to a negative fitness increase.

In addition, the type of meal you choose can have additional benefits or drawbacks. A hearty meal is expensive, but also you to build your strength faster. A light meal allows you to build your fitness faster. A sparse meal increases your fitness, but decreases your strength. And not eating at all will again increase your fitness (as your body eats any stored fat), but sharply reduces your strength and, if you don't eat anything, will make you sick the next day.

Although status effects aren't coded in yet, so I guess that's not really a drawback.

I've made a lot of notes the last few days, and I'm looking forward to putting them in, but I'm taking the next few days off, for personal reasons. I'll be back with more stuff on Monday.

In the meantime, donations have stalled a bit. Just a reminder, if you make a donation, you can request something to be added to the game. In addition, if the goal for this week is met, I'll continue to post updates next week.

Edit: Broke the damn donation button. It should be working again now.


  1. Small bug, the fishnet dress isn't removed from your inventory if you take it off at home.

  2. Your donate button isn't working for me. I'm using Chrome.