Tuesday, July 19, 2011


New version (7/19).

New Features
Hunger has been reintroduced, with new effects. Starting with the day after you change into a woman (so, day 4), you will be able to choose a meal regimen. There are five choices, all of which carry some effects that are not yet programmed. Eating, in most cases, increases your Fat, which can be burned off through physical activity. Fat must be burned off before you can gain Fitness (sort of: the way it actually works is that you gain fitness as you lose fat, but at the end of the day, fat counts against any fitness gains. So if your food adds 2 fat, and you gain 1 fitness point, you will lose 1 fat point, but have no gain at the end of the day (1 -1 = 0). So you need to work a little harder to gain fitness if you're eating big meals). Fat currently does not get burned off, and the extra effects of meals (such as gaining a bonus to strength) are not programmed in, as I ran out of time. Note that the game will tell you to change your regimen at the fridge, but you can't do that currently.

Also, the meal regimen you choose will affect your "Fullness". Fullness has a maximum value of 50, and once you reach that, you can't eat anything else (not a big deal yet, there's nothing else to eat). There is no regimen that completely fills up your Fullness (Hearty sets it to 40), but basically, the more you eat, the less you CAN eat. Fullness is reset at the beginning of each day, so if, for example, you max out Fullness one day, when you go to sleep, it'll be back to what you set it at with your meal regimen.

Finally, currently if you cannot afford the meal regimen you've scheduled, you choose not to eat instead. This is temporary, as again, I ran out of time, but eventually, you'll be able to choose a different, less expensive regimen if you can't afford the one you've set up (which is important because setting a regimen at the fridge only takes effect the NEXT day).

Bug Fixes
- The tailor now correctly checks to see if clothes no longer fit due to breast growth.
- The salon now actually charges you money for the work they perform.

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