Monday, July 18, 2011


New version.

I did my best to fix the bugs in the post below, as well as some other ones that have shown up. The tailor seems to be working, based on limited but repeated testing, so let me know if it still doesn't work.

Hunger is still out of the game. I need to work out the details.

What else has changed? Strength and Fitness should only increase at the end of the day, as opposed to when you do the action that causes the increase. So you might wake up in the morning and find that your fitness has increased by a lot. Or, conversely, decreased. I haven't programmed it in yet, but the most fitness and strength can change in a day will be between 5 and 10 points.

Charisma has been broken up into non-natural charisma and natural charisma. Natural charisma is your natural beauty and confidence, and requires you to become comfortable in your body and with your assets in order to figure out the best way to flaunt them, more or less. Non-natural charisma is your "bonus", provided by clothing (not yet), accessories (like jewelry and such) and so on. Non-natural charisma only lasts as long as the effect that's giving you the bonus: if you take off the clothes that give you the bonus, your non-natural charisma is reduced. If your makeup wears off, non-natural charisma is reduced. Both natural charisma and non-natural charisma are limited to 50, while Charisma itself (which is the result of adding both together) is limited to 100. So you can be incredibly confident and naturally beautiful, but you still need to accessorize properly. Ideally, I'll be able to come up with a system that checks to see that what your wearing matches, so that you get a bonus to non-natural charisma for coming up with a good outfit (like a goth girl, or something), but I think I came up with that as I was typing this paragraph, so it's not really confirmed.

There's also some new interactions at the mall. You can go to the salon and get some work done, you can go to the jewelry store and get some additional work done...and that's it (it took a while!). In addition, the new bulletin board at work will let you know, in vague but relatively clear terms, how close you are to promotion. Promotion requirements for the Novice Stripper have been slightly decreased, so it should be easier to get. The bulletin board WILL tell you how close you are to getting the promotion after Novice Stripper, but it's still not yet in the game.


  1. Bug: Upper ear rings if removed can only be removed.

  2. The tailor still isn't altering clothing you no longer fit into due to breast growth.

  3. beauty salon stuff does check against money. but it wont substract that money from your depot. i didnt check the 300 and 600$ treatment - durah

  4. @First Comment: Could not reproduce, though I did find a problem with the clitoral ring not being put on when you get pierced.

    @second comment: fixed.

    @third comment: fixed.