Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Week, New Donations

The donation goal for this week has been set at $100. As before, reaching the goal means I continue to put out versions for play as I work on them, next week. If the goal isn't met by the end of the week, no playable versions! For shame. And, of course, when you donate, you can request something to be added to the game, either clothing, an item, or a minor effect/event. Note that if you ask for more than one thing when you donate, I'll choose only one thing, and it might not be the one you really want, so make sure you know what you're asking for.

There has been a lot of talk at TFGamesSite this weekend about the game, including possible mechanic changes and bugs. Here's a list of what I know needs to be looked at:
- It's still possible to not fit into your clothes when you're done working, preventing you from going home and stalling the game.
- Some of the hair dyes don't work properly, or DO work properly but have the wrong description.
- The Dancing DVD (and the Martial Arts DVD, incidentally) get stored in the bookcase if you've bought it before the DVDs, but you can't retrieve them from the bookcase.
- You can't remove clothes in the bathroom, even though that makes perfect sense.
- Getting to H-Cup breasts doesn't always trigger the big breasts ending.
- You can still drink breast milk that you've poured down the drain.
- You can go to the Dojo as many times as you want in a day and it doesn't cost anything, as opposed to once a day and $5.

Surprisingly, no problems reported with the stylist that's in the game, so that's good. Most of the above bug fixes aren't even big deals, to be honest. They're almost all just a few minutes to fix.

In regards to the stream this week and next week: while I will still be working on the game, my schedule is sufficiently screwed up that the only chance I'll have to stream will be Monday and possibly Saturday evening. Next week will be a bit better, with streams Monday through Wednesday, and then the week after that should be back to normal.


  1. If it helps the bug with not fitting into clothes when you go to work is because you loose 1 fitness level going for some reason, i had the problem and used the testing item to add fitness and was able to put them back on afterwards.

  2. Just chiming in on the food issue, 'cause you can never have enough ideas...

    First, routine food should be routine, so select a food style and then either have it come up again once a week, or just changeable at the fridge.

    Next as I see it all food would have these 3 abstracted variables: Cost, Energy, and Fat. Cost: Obvious.
    Energy: Would effect your ability to gain strength. (And possibly other things later)
    Fat: Indirectly effects fitness. Specifically as a separate variable that effects /apparent/ fitness, IE when you look at yourself you see Fitness - Fat, but fitness itself stays the same.

    Exercise, which burns energy, would remove fat before adding fitness, and possibly at a slightly increased rate allowing you to 'regain' fitness faster than you originally worked for it.

    All this would allow you to do some interesting things with routine food, like make some of the better food require an unlock event, and you could still add snacks and fast food and stuff for when you need special effects and energy.

  3. @second poster: That's actually a pretty good idea. I'll probably tweak it to incorporate the other things I've been thinking of doing with hunger, but your idea is quite good.